Wednesday, December 24, 2008

KEMUJA 3 dec 21st-23rd

I’m going to a camp!!as a competitor!!oh no!!can’t believe this..the 2008 year was the year I manage camp or being a facilitator..but then,, it’s totally different for this camp..I need to be the
competitor!!it’s a long period of time since I haven’t been a competitor..

Night before camp,, replying messages with my beloved beshfren,,HARD..the last messagethat she send to me was “ko ntey kt cne jge diri elok2..jgn nakal2..klu ujan jgn maen air terjon..jge kchtn..lg2 kaki ko 2..” haha..sumhow feel better to go and sumhow feel doesn’’s really confuse me out!!

The day of camp..

Pegi je la..first day camp..awal2,,giler boring!!Tuhan saje la yang tahu!!Ya ALLAH.. afta zohor,,got some’s about niat.. aiseyh..terase pulak.. in afternoon,, it’s going better.. got to noe those ‘adek2’ better since I was the ‘kakak’ at that camp!! Giler ah!! Then,,went thru an activity called ‘pasak bumi’..need a team work to finish up all those task.. first,,have to spread on searching 2 tent each group,, build up!! Also the fire woods to cook for dinner.. Ya ALLAH.. suddenly it’s raining..haven’t finish build up our tent.. and also,, how to cook??thank GOD!! I got some experience in ‘jungle cook’..tapi,,nervous still ade ma!! At the heavy raining time,,there’s some leakage in our tent.. macam sungai dalam khemah.. I gone thru the rain drops wish to get some solution from the captain.. I go n see the captains at the ‘open hall’..they said “pegi jumpa kapten yang kat bawah khemah sane” “ok..thanx”,I replied.. tibe2..”jap2..nak amk gamba dalam hujan” one of the captain ready with his camera.. “takde r camtu..” I juz smile and go.. then,, I ask the other captain bout my tent.. then he replied.. “kite memang bekalkan anda dengan khemah bocor”.. “eh,,ye ke??” Ya am I going to sleep??..I’m just monolog to myself.. “hehe,,takde la.. amik yang kat sne tu” oh,,thanks!!’s cooking time!! It’s really takes time.. between that time,, need to perform maghrib prayer by turn.. at the time I busy cooking,, one of the captain that pass thru us said to me “sume da solat?? Kalau ade yang tak solat,, ketua tanggung tau!!” I’m juz indicate.. but then,, deep in my heart,,I ask.. “die tak percaye kat aku ke..hmm..entahla..” it’s now the time to perform our food.. my group was the first group selected.. aku pulak tu ketuanya..aiseh!! going to speak using microphone.. banyak kali gak kne tegor dek mejar kt situ soh rapatkan mike..hehe.. byk kali gak betolkan cakap..biase la..orang tak biase cakap bahasa baku cam tu r jadinye.. it’s very cold indeed..really.. at the time one of the captain taste our food,, he said.. “rase nasi je da cukup” then,,he taste it.. “kurang garam” “ni chef baru nih” said the major.. “die pikir ni nasi impit ke” that’s what I think and juz smiling.. then,, he taste the ‘sardin’.. can’t remember la what he said.. what I remember was at the time we set up our place,, one of the coach said to the other.. “diorang gigit ke benda tu??” it’s about hiasan kulit limau tu..huhu.. after having our dinner,, got some war game using tomatoes.. what a dirty shirt afta that.. but then,, I really enjoy that night much even gotta some accident that makes my right cheek swollen..haha..

Second day..

It’s about half past 5.. woke up by the loud healer sound.. really hate that sound.. afta subuh prayer,,there was a part of kuliah subuh that really drives me to think about who am I as a Muslim.. I feel really upset bout my 17-years that I’v gone thru..what a waste!! Yes!! From this camp also,, I really love to watch the sky turns from dark become light and lighter.. It’s really lovely you noe.. SUBHANALLAH!! Before this,, I only watch the sky at night.. It’s one of my hobbies.. never thought bout this before.. I watch the sky change instead hearing the kuliah subuh.. I still keep on watching till now!! After doing those particular things,, ade acara perasmian.. afta solat zohor,, in 10 count,, need to be at the hall.. me inside my tent at that time.. giler r aku lari time tu.. da r x sempat pakai stokin.. nasib baik kasut betutup.. tu pon tak sure tak de orang Nampak.. Ya ALLAH.. berdosanya aku.. ampunilah aku Ya Rahim..there’s an Islamic quiz.. I’m juz letting those adik2 go and answer the quest.. malu la pulak kalau nak jawab!! Suddenly,, the captain which give the question said “yang belakang tu tak jawab ke.. da tue2 pon tak tau ke!!” dushh!! Ade ke die kate aku tue!! I’m juz givin them the answer hoping that ‘yang belakang’ will go and answer.. but then,,another coach pulak said “hee..tak aci.. bagitau” me juz smile back..hehe.. after that,, the activity that I’m waiting for.. WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE!! This is what I really love to do.. but then,, feel a little bit down since it is not as adventure as I thought.. afta taking my bath,, at the time going to perform my maghrib prayer,, I juz realized that my outfit is full of blood.. eh,, what’s wrong?? Ya ALLAH.. have been bite by leech.. Fira ask the coach for first aid kit and dieba help me stop the blood flow.. the second night there was the full of emotion night.. it’s full of smiles and tears.. it was SAD+HAPPY+HURT+CONFIUS and so on.. everything was there.. the cute aidil ,who only 8 or 9 years old I guess was very funny that nyte.. juz like what the captain said aidil as good as "sami'na wa atho'na".. yess,,he following the captain said but then when the captain ask him "mane gayenye?" then he said back "mane gayenye?"..haha.. lawak seyh!! the moment that I remember most was at the time I’m washing the plate.. suddenly,, BOMB!! The coach said “tunduk,tunduk” then I ask “serious ke nih??” then,, I crawl at the stone beside the sink.. Ya Allah.. it’s really hurt my body!!

Third day..

Again..the healer sound disturb my qiamullail..afta solat subuh,, it’s tazkirah and there’s an uninvited snake there.. like usual,, I see the sky turns lighter and lighter.. it’s really lovely.. at the tazkirah,, most of the people wanna go sleep.. I’m not feel sleepy at all.. dunno why.. I realized all the girls sleep at the time the ustaz said “kite org lelaki kene control org perempuan shopping,,betol tak yang belakang tu??” I’m juz nod my head once.. then the ustaz said “tu angguk setuju ke tido tu” I’m juz smile and turn back Ya ALLAH.. most of them have gone thru their dream.. huh!! After that,, theres a game something like naga telur.. first round,, we loose at the second round,, we won!! I broken down the egg of opposite group.. yes!! I did it.. then,, ‘rentas halangan’ activity.. Fira got accident and one of the coach blame on me.. is it my fault?? I don’t think so but then,, I juz take it!! After those things,, acara penutup.. feel really sleepy that moment.. try to control myself..huhu.. I slept my cheek to let the sleepiness go but I failed!! But then,, I can control it..

Overall,,that camp is quite best and I’ll remember that camp in my memories..thanx to all coach that teach me lots lots of things and also thanks to the new friends there!! Hope will see you guys later!!


cutey hard said...

huhu...shiok r bce!!!
nice story..

aL-aQSa said...

sorry 4 d grammatical error..
mse tulis x recheck..
skunk nih mls pulak nk edit..
nway,,thanx hard!!