Sunday, December 14, 2008

Life is full of TEST!!

Today was the first day I attend course in order taking my driving license.. never gone there before.. Fadhila’s dad fetch me at home and we gone there with adila zamzuri, atiqha yunus and nadhirah hanif as well as fadhilah.. overall, the KPP course was bored to me.. the motivator was very2 serious and quite sarcastic.. I feel very sleepy same goes to adel,fad and nad.. atiqha try to be cool because she sit in front.. haha.. me and adel keep drinking the mineral water to reduce our sleepiness.. it’s remind me about my physics study skills seminar when I was in school before SPM.. the talk is delivered by one of the SPM questionnaire on the evening of Friday.. what comes into my mind was that day my sit is first from the back.. kesian.. because of that,, I need to give more attention since I’m very3 low in physics.. usually, Friday evening was the suitable time for me to take my rest at home, but for that evening,, it’s really need my sacrifice.. in keeping my attention and reduce my sleepiness,, I ate ‘kerepek pisang’ with syuhada and maryam.. eh,, tcha lin and tcha azwira also join us.. haha.. dunno la the motivator saw us or not.. kuang3.. but then,, the physics seminar really make up my day and burn my spirit up in studying physics.. thanx yea sir.. and that’s it.. felt sleepy was a life TEST too!!

Back to the point,, at least the driving course give me full of information about driving and makes me think much about my life.. firstly,, about the driving test.. I thought after SPM,, there’s no need to struggle reading book and sit for exam for this particular moment.. Huh!! Definitely I’m wrong.. I need to sit for a computer exam to get my L-license this coming Thursday.. and again it’s a TEST!! The poor thing was since I’m not enough SEVENTEEN, I need to wait my birthday comes before they release my L-license and proceed to P-license.. pity me!!

At the course,, the first he teach us is to create positive thinking when driving.. the points that I attracted most was when he said you shouldn’t blame others and try to avoid accidents although other’s wrong

.. it such a noble value to the people who practicing it.. it’s bring me to think about the da’ie who should be like that.. all the da’ie shouldn’t blame other people who didn’t worshipped ALLAH but then the da’ie should blame themselves.. why they didn’t drove them to the right path??

On the other hand,, we should put ourselves in someone’s shoes.. yes.. this is definitely what should we do as muslim which have the sense of humane.. the example that the motivator give was when we drive on the road,, suddenly one car cross the queue right in front of you.. there’s nothing wrong if you give them to go first which just only takes a few seconds.. being patience was a TEST too!! Why shouldn’t we put ourselves in their condition?? May be they got an emergency.. this value should be practice by all the da’ie.. all of them needs to be patience in delivering what ISLAM teach and also put themselves in those people’s condition who didn’t accept ISLAM as the way of their life..

Why many people already noe that they wrong but they still do it??
This was the question that the motivator ask us.. he said it’s because they train themselves to do such things.. actually,, we need 40 days to create our habits.. this what my tuition tcha, Miss Linda Mah said.. why we should follow that habits?? It’s against what ISLAM teach us to be AMAL MA’RUF NAHI MUNKAR.. we should follow our religion rules.. it’ll ensure our happiness hereafter.. in the holy Quran,, it’s stated a verse which meant that this world is the heaven for the kuffar and the hell for the mu’min and vice versa
.. it’s the TEST for all muslims in this world..

At the second phase of the course after taking break,, our sleepiness is still there.. Oh GOD,, help us please.. I try to maintain my focus with only THREE mints sweets that adel brought for me.. thanx adel.. owh,,what a hard TEST!! But then,, my sleepiness is reduced immediately when the motivator enter about the tyre.. He said that the air in the tyre should be neither too nor less in pressure of the air.. medium condition is the best.. it’s remind me to our beloved prophet,, Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.. He always said we should be medium in all condition even in solat..
it’s really gives very deep meanings to me.. SUBHANALLAH..

At the end of the course,, he reminds us about the books to read before we sit for the computer test.. OMG.. still have TEST?? I thought after my SPM exam,, I didn’t have to struggle in reading book and study for the exam.. after the computer test,, there's another test and followed by another test.. definitely i was wrong.. TEST will always ruined up my life.. yes.. TEST colored our life.. the world is such life-less without TEST.. as we still human,, we still got to face the reality in which need to undergo TEST to ensure we do our best in life and create the experience in life.. it’s not about how hard the test is,, it’s about how we handle it.. the TEST examine how strong our IMAN and how big we trust and TAWAKKAL to ALLAH.. wallahu’alam..