Sunday, August 3, 2008

FRiENdShiP TraiL

it has been 1 year since i followed girl guide's frinedship trail..i still rememba,,when juz arrive at d sambest,,uwaa..i didn't noe wonder's a national camp!!i repeat..national!!d chosen guides from d whole malaysia are there..i'm d only one from my school..and d only from islamic school..leave all that..d 1st place we went thru at malawati nyte..all d girls enjoy learning dance..haha..this is girl guides..GIRLS ONLY ok!!!

The next day,,we're goin' 2 terengganu..drop by at pahang..taking our lunch at Shahzan Inn Hotel and perform our solat..d most wonderful things is i run around while holding d selangor flag!!

On d way heading off 2 d RAMD,,we drop by again at masjid terapung to perform our solat..then,,I've finally got my footprints at 18th RAMD,Seberang Takir,Terengganu!! The 3days 2 nites stay at the army camp wuz definitely a once-in a lifetime experience! arrive there at into our room n from d tiredness on d long-road journey..Tho we had to sleep on "matrez-less" canvas beds and somehow survived the 7-hour journey from Pahang,I had a GREAT time throughout the trip,I must say.=).Except for the 1nite stay at one of the schools in Subang. Gawd....the loos were like....eeeewww!!! =p..but,,it's not a big deal to me..and that's it..i've gone thru d obstacles there..

at morning,,i gone tru d activity called rentas tasek using ONLY a rope..haha..i was d last person doin' it..bcoz of that,,d coach keep "bullying" me..uwaaaa....instead of that,,afta reach d last point,,i was interviewed by astro..awesome!!wink;p..we taking our lunch by make it ourselves in d's a jungle survive!!nyte,,take our dinner at sutera beach resort wif d VIP from terengganu n d prince girl guides there..

laz day of camp,,very sad 2 leave that place..we got ona malaysia flag it..and you noe,,i'm still kept d flag tau!!it was a very wonderful moment there..i got 2 noe d guides from other 2 noe d awesome 2 noe d army's life..their obstacles in jungles..their hardness 2 keep malaysia in peace..and now i realize how easy my life as a student..nice to noe you guyz..miss u all lotzz..Yeah...overall,Terengganu wuz AWESOME!!

at galeri kraftangan..Kuala Terengganu..

at 18th RAMD, Kem Sri Pantai, Seberang Takir, KT